Bible Study Minute 2/28/18

Exodus 40

What slavery has God brought you from so you can walk in his presence?

In Exodus 40 the Tabernacle is finally finished, and this is a great way to close the book of Exodus. In this chapter we see a number of things.

First, we see the repentance of Israel after the golden calf incident. Not only did they repent, but they diligently worked to complete the Tabernacle to the exact specifications the Lord had given to Moses. They gave generously & worked hard to bring it to completion.

After Moses has consecrated the vessels & anointed the priests for service, we see the Lord’s glory filling the Tabernacle. This is proof that he has forgiven his people and that he is pleased to dwell with them.

In the book of Exodus we see God keeping his promises. He delivered Israel from the hand of slavery so that they might be a people who walk with him. The Tabernacle is the proof of his visible presence, which is indicated with the cloud by day & fire by night.

Today, think about the slavery of sin the Lord has brought you from so you can walk daily in his presence.