Bible Study Minute 3/1/18

Leviticus 8-9

How do you seek God’s approval? Is it on your terms or his?

In Leviticus 8-9 we find the consecration of Aaron & his sons for the priesthood, as well as Aaron’s first offering. The thing that stands out in these two chapters is the repetition of the phrase “as the Lord commanded.” This phrase appears no less than 7 times and its use is insightful.

Back in Exodus, Moses was given very clear instructions for how the consecration of the priests was to go down. The use of the phrase “as the Lord commanded” in these two chapters shows us that Moses completed the task exactly as the Lord had shown him on Mount Sinai.

You see, it matters how we approach God. We cannot approach him on our own terms. He is God Almighty and we must come to him as he has commanded. Anything less than that is unacceptable. For us, today, that means placing faith in Jesus Christ, who is our great and better high priest. He is the only means by which we can approach God.