Numbers 11-12

How has complaining hindered your walk with the Lord?

Numbers picks up where Exodus ends, with Israel finally heading out from Sinai. What we find in Numbers 11-12 is Israel once again complaining to the Lord about their circumstances.

In many ways, Israel’s complaining in these chapters mirrors their actions early in their journey to the Promised Land. Back in Exodus they complained about not having water (Ex. 15:22-25), needing food (Ex. 16), and finally about Moses’ leadership (Ex. 17:1-7). Here they’re complaining about the same things.

Now it’s about lacking meat. Apparently the manna the Lord provided wasn’t good enough. And Moses’ siblings try to usurp his leadership over the people. God squashes both with the quickness.

What stands out is their complaining about food. It shows a lack of faith & gratefulness on their part, while also showing their fault in thinking they had it better when they were enslaved. How many times did the Lord need to show up & show out for them to believe?

So, what does God do? He gives them exactly what they want & lets them suffer the consequences. That’s always the worst lesson for a child to learn, when they get what they want, only to realize they were better off without it. That’s the lesson Israel learned.

How often do we need to learn the same lesson?

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