Numbers 13-14

How do you respond when faced with insurmountable obstacles?

Numbers 13-14 is a familiar narrative. Twelve spies are sent to scout the Promised Land before their infiltration. The land proves to be bountiful, yet the inhabitants are giants & a formidable foe.

How will Israel respond? Will it be in faith, knowing God has promised this land to them, or will the cower in fear? They choose the latter, thinking it far better to return to slavery in Egypt.

Now, at this point, we often focus on Israel’s rebellion and lack of faith, but I want us to turn our attention to God & his response to the whole situation. Why did God respond in what seems to be such a harsh manner? Well, God is just and his justice would not allow rebellious people to enter into his blessings. It wouldn’t be right. Yet, he remains faithful to his promise to Abraham by not killing off everyone, instead only killing off the adults over a 40 year period.

Thankfully our rebellion against God doesn’t result in the same judgment because of Christ’s work.

Today, I want you to think about how you respond when you face circumstances similar to Israel’s. When your marriage gets difficult, how will you respond? When your dreams seem too big, what will you do? Will you trust in God and walk in obedience, or will you turn away in fear?

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