Numbers 16-17

Do you let pride & self-sufficiency cripple your relationship with God?

In Leviticus 16-17 we find Korah’s rebellion. This is a tale of two sins: pride & self-sufficiency. Korah and his cohorts thought they were holy enough & had what it takes to make their own sacrifices to God. What did they need the priesthood for?

The problem with their thinking is God had given them his desired plan back at Sinai when he gave them the Commandments, which included Aaron being the high priest & his family inheriting those duties. The ironic thing is, back in Exodus the people were given the opportunity to speak with God face-to-face, but they chose to have Moses be their go-between because they were too frightened by God’s holiness.

So, what happens? God squashes the uprising in a unique way by opening the ground & swallowing them alive. But the rebellion continues, which God mitigates with a plague. And again, there’s irony. To stop the plague, Aaron had to atone for their sins, with him literally standing between those who had died & those who remained alive.

In much the same way, Jesus did the same & greater for us. He stopped the plague of sin & death so that we might have life & communion with God.

Today, think about what areas of pride & control you need to surrender to God so you don’t hinder your walk with him.

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