Numbers 34-35

Where is your refuge?

Numbers 34-35 show us how Israel is to take possession of the Promised Land. Chapter 34 is all about the borders and how they were to determine the division of land. Numbers 35 tells us how the Levites were to dwell in the land.

Unlike the rest of Israel, the Levites had no land grant, as they were taken as the Lord’s possession (in place of the firstborn). Therefore, the Levites were supported through the nation’s tithe. So, for land they were given 48 cities, distributed throughout the tribes.

One of the reasons for the Levites living among the people is so that Israel has a constant reminder of God’s holiness and his desire for them to keep his commandments. They were to always point the people to God.

Yet, in the midst of this we are shown that six of these Levite cities were to be cities of refuge. A city of refuge was a safe place for a condemned party to seek shelter while fleeing someone seeking justice for the death of a loved one. These cities provided both protection & justice. Protection while they awaited trial or after being cleared of guilt, and justice because the people would rule in the matter.

Today, God invites us to take refuge in him. What steps can you take to find refuge in God?


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