Bible Study Minute 4/3/18

Judges 13-14

Where is your strength?

In Judges 13-14 we meet Samson the antihero, who is proof that God can use anyone. Since before he was born he was destined for greatness; but, for all the wrong he did in his life, it’s amazing that God still got the job done through him.

When we look at Samson’s life, we see a picture of someone who claims to follow the Lord, but his life and actions betray his profession. The list of grievances God has against Samson is long and shows how easy it is to fall in love with the ways of the world. Not only was Samson prideful, but he had anger issues, married women he wasn’t supposed to, and even broke his vow with the Lord. Any of those alone were enough to disqualify him from service. Yet, God still worked through all this weakness to bring about his glory.

Of particular interest in Samson’s sins is his breaking of the Nazirite vow, which we find introduced in Numbers 6. This was a vow of service to the Lord that also required three things: 1) abstaining from alcohol (and those things that produce it), 2) not touching any dead person or animal, and 3) not cutting one’s hair. This was typically a short-term arrangement, but Samson’s was lifelong. In Judges 14 we find Samson breaking 2/3 of this vow, showing his lack of regard for God’s presence in his life.

Samson’s life is a lesson of humility, or lack thereof. He was so caught up in himself that he didn’t have a proper view of himself in relation to God. Samson believed he could do whatever he wanted without consequence, blatantly throwing his relationship with the Lord to the side, which is the epitome of pride. For us, we need to learn to rightly see ourselves in light of God. We are finite & weak compared to God, so we should have nothing but humility. We should always be aware of our weaknesses & seek God’s strength in their place.

That said, what areas of weakness in your life do you need to ask for God’s strength? And how can you keep pride from rising up in your life?