Bible Study Minute 4/5/18

Ruth 1-2

How are you showing kindness to others?

In a time when judges ruled and Israel was in a constant cycle of sin & repentance, Ruth is a glimmer of hope in the darkness. In the book of Ruth we see God’s ability to redeem. We also see that not everyone in Israel is ratchet & sinning to the extreme; some people are faithfully serving the Lord.

Today’s narrative in Ruth 1-2 puts our focus on the kindness of two people: Ruth & Boaz.

First we find Ruth. After Naomi’s husband & sons have died in the land of Moab, she is ready to return to Bethlehem as a widow so she can receive the support of her community. Instead of returning to her own family, Ruth decides to stay with her mother-in-law. She finds it better to be among Naomi’s people & to worship her God. This is a huge act of kindness on her part, knowing that Naomi could not provide her another husband. Yet, she would much rather help care for her mother-in-law than return home to find another husband.

To provide for herself & Naomi, Ruth then gleans in the fields behind the harvesters. This act of kindness toward Naomi catches the ear of Boaz, whose field she’d been working in. He then goes above & beyond his duty according to the Mosaic Law. He makes sure Ruth is physically protected, while also making sure she is able to get plenty of food for herself.

In all this Ruth trusted that the Lord would provide. She didn’t know what would happen when she journeyed to Bethlehem with Naomi, but she put her faith in Naomi’s God to care for them, while doing everything within her power to provide for herself. God blessed her kindness and reciprocated it through the actions of Boaz.

How can you be like Ruth & trust the Lord’s provision in your own life? How can Ruth’s faith strengthen your confidence in God?