Bible Study Minute 4/6/18

Ruth 3-4

Is Christ your Boaz?

These final chapters of Ruth (3-4) show us the unfolding of God’s plan, as well as the character of both Ruth & Boaz.

By selecting Boaz as her kinsmen redeemer, Ruth shows that she is an upright and godly woman. Being young in age, she could have easily chased after a man who was just as young, or was rich & powerful in society. Yet, through Naomi’s encouragement, she chose Boaz as her redeemer, the man who had shown her kindness & cared for her since her arrival in Bethlehem.

Boaz shows his character by agreeing to be Ruth’s redeemer. He not only recognizes her character, in that she didn’t choose other men; but, he also sent her away in the morning to protect her character. Additionally, the provision of food also shows his caring naturing for Ruth & Naomi. But, Boaz doesn’t just marry Ruth. No, he fulfills all the law’s requirements, making sure the nearer kinsman has an opportunity to redeem her. Only after that is settled does he marry her.

What we see in Boaz’s actions is a picture of Jesus Christ. Boaz redeems & rescues Ruth from a hopeless situation. As a widow without children, she had no real hope of survival. But Boaz fulfilled the Law’s requirements to redeem her. Through marriage, and subsequent childbirth, he brings her new life & blessing. In like manner, Christ rescues sinners from their hopelessness in sin & death and brings them into the blessings that come with newness of life.

Knowing what Jesus has done for you, how has his redeeming work transformed your life?