Bible Study Minute 4/9/18

1 Samuel 1-2

Are you faithless or faithful?

In a time when judges still ruled the land of Israel, 1 Samuel 1-2 shows us a contrast between a faithful son and two faithless sons. In these chapters we see the young boy Samuel compared to Eli’s two sons, Hophni & Phinehas.

Eli was a judge and priest in the land of Israel. This meant his two sons were raised around God’s Word and also served as priests. Yet, even though their job was in the service of the Lord, the Bible tells us they did not know God. Instead, these faithless sons used their position for personal gain. If you wanted to know how bad things had gotten in Israel, you need not look any further than these two brothers who corrupted the priesthood. But, God is not mocked & judges both Eli & his sons.

In contrast, we find Hannah’s son Samuel. Hannah, who had been barren for years, was blessed with a son & promised to dedicate him to the Lord, even having him take the same Nazirite vow as Samson. When the child was born she kept her word and gave her son to Eli to serve the Lord. Unlike Eli’s sons, Samuel ministered to the Lord & found his favor. He faithfully served the Lord at a young age, and would continue to do so the rest of his life, as both a prophet & judge over Israel.

For us, these chapters teach us that just because we are raised in the church, it doesn’t mean we know God. No, that relationship only comes through the saving work of Jesus Christ and placing our faith in him. Without Christ, we are no better than Hophni & Phinehas.

Today, ponder that truth. Are you serving God like Samuel, or are you using him like Eli’s sons?