Bible Study Minute 4/10/18

1 Samuel 3; 8

Who’s your king?

Like yesterday, 1 Samuel 3 & 8 once again presents us with a contrast that we need to take note of. This time the comparison is between Samuel and the entire nation of Israel.

From a young age Samuel worked in the service of the Lord & was faithful to live according to his commands. In a time of godlessness, the Lord spoke to him as a child and put his word in him. From that point forward, Samuel grew in stature, becoming both a prophet & priest in the land of Israel. He was the picture of obedience & godliness in a godless land.

In contrast, Israel as a whole continued to walk in disobedience and sin. Their wickedness came to a head in 1 Samuel 8 when they told Samuel they wanted a king over them. This was a grievous offense. God had called Israel as his own, set them apart from all the other nations, and promised to lead them. Yet, by asking for a king, they wanted to be like everyone else. And, at the same time, this was a flippant rejection of God.

So, what did God do with Israel’s request? He gave them exactly what they asked for, consequences and all. This was the worst thing Israel could’ve gotten, but God gave them over to their desires, much like we see in the latter half of Romans 1. And let it be said, it’s never a good thing when God gives you over to your sin.

With Samuel & Israel we see the contrast of what it looks like to walk in obedience versus disobedience to the Lord’s ways. Today, are you trusting God’s plans or are you still trying to live out your own?