Bible Study Minute 4/11/18

1 Samuel 9-10

Do you see God working in the details?

In 1 Samuel 9-10 we find Saul entering the biblical narrative. Through a series of seemingly random events he finds himself anointed as the first king of Israel. But he’s not who we need to focus on. Today our focus is on God, the one who is working in the background putting his sovereignty on full display.

As you read this narrative, you cannot help but see God working out all the details so Saul would be anointed as king. And, it’s right that he would. After being rejected as ruler over Israel, God wasn’t going to let Israel choose his “replacement.” No, he would choose the first king of Israel. We find God’s hand in the events in 4 key events.

First, there is the loss of Kish’s donkeys. Saul is sent on a journey to recover his father’s lost animals. He looked everywhere & couldn’t find them. God kept Saul from finding them so that he would have an encounter with the prophet Samuel.

Second, God had told Samuel beforehand that Saul was the man who would be king over Israel. The day before they met, God spoke to him in a vision; and, on the day of, God made it abundantly clear to Samuel which man was Saul.

Next, the word of prophecy & anointing is confirmed to Saul through a series of three events as he returns to his father’s home. All happened as Samuel had said, including Saul prophesying with a group of prophets. There was no doubt that God wanted this to be.

Finally, God confirmed his choice of Saul to the entire nation of Israel. Samuel cast lots, which fell to Saul. For Saul, this meant the word to him was doubly sure, nor could Israel dispute it.

Only God could orchestrate such events. He didn’t leave anything to chance & made sure everything worked out according to his designed plan.

If God is sovereign & his word is sure, what is keeping you from fully trusting him in your life?