Bible Study Minute 5/4/18

Psalm 119:49-128

What is your comfort in affliction?

There is a lot of comfort to be found in Psalm 119:49-128. This is because the psalmist knows where his hope lies. Even when the world is doing its worst and he can feel its effects, he confidently trusts in God’s promises.

Where I find the most comfort in these words is that as the psalmist trusts in the Lord, he continues to desire spiritual growth. Everything he does is with the aim of knowing God better and living out the Lord’s commands. With this we find a diligent study of God’s Word, whether it be day or night, he is constantly consumed by the Word of the Lord & meditating on its promises. It is these promises that give him hope as the world tries to defeat him and destroy his faith. Likewise, the psalmist is wise not neglecting fellowship with other believers. He keeps that a priority & is able to share his testimony with them, as a means of encouragement for himself and others.

While doing all this, the psalmist strengthens his own faith and resolve, but he also puts his enemies to shame. There is nothing they can do to shake him, no matter how hard they try. And the psalmist remains true to himself because he has studied God’s Word, knows what it says, and trusts in the God who makes promises that he will never break.

How about you? Is your hope in the Word as strong as the psalmist’s? When difficulties arise in your life, where do you turn?