Bible Study Minute 5/9/18

1 Kings 2

What lengths will you go to to establish peace?

1 Kings picks up right where 2 Samuel left off, transitioning from the kingship of David to his son Solomon. In 1 Kings 2 we find the beginning of Solomon’s reign; and, as you read it, it’s not quite what you would expect.

After receiving instruction from his father to keep the word of the Lord & what to do with certain individuals, Solomon’s reign becomes quite bloody & violent rather quickly. The thing is, he’s not wrong in his actions & there was a method to the madness. Adonijah’s sinful acts cost brought about his own destruction. The same with Joab & Shimei. But all of this happened for two reasons: 1) for Solomon to establish himself as king without rival, and 2) to bring peace in the kingdom & land.

When I read this chapter, I cannot help but think about Jesus Christ. For as bloody as Solomon’s reign began, it’s going to be the same way when Christ returns. In order to establish his kingdom on earth & fully reverse the curse of the Fall he must take similar action. He will separate the good from the evil, with the evil being thrown forever into the Lake of Fire. At this point, there will be eternal peace & an everlasting kingdom with a faithful King-Shepherd-Priest.

Today, compare the beginning of Solomon’s reign as king with Christ’s return when he fully establishes his kingdom.