Bible Study Minute 5/31/18

Amos 1:1; 9

Do you take your sin seriously?

God’s judgment is a consistent theme throughout the Minor Prophets. This is no different in Amos, which we see especially in chapter 9.

God’s judgment is a reminder that God takes sin seriously and he will punish it accordingly, even if he does not do so immediately. As it relates to Israel specifically, the judgments pronounced in Amos & the rest of the prophets are a fulfillment of the curses found in Deuteronomy 28. Israel had no excuse for their covenant breaking & idolatry, and God told them beforehand what the consequences would be.

Yet, for as much as Amos speaks to judgment against sin, God never leaves his people without hope. Like we saw in Jonah, God always leaves the door open for repentance. His judgment is an “all things remaining the same judgment,” meaning if you repent God may hold back his judgment. The door was always left open for Israel to repent, just like it is for us. At the same time, God also promises restoration, even in the midst of destruction. Yes, his hand of discipline can be harsh, but he will not completely destroy his people.

The beauty of God’s picture of hope is that it points us to and is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the Messiah. He is the one who brings redemption and ultimately restores his people to a right relationship with God. And just as Israel’s hope was in the Messiah, so too is our hope found in him for restoration and redemption.

Today, how will you live differently in light of God’s words spoken through the prophet Amos?