Bible Study Minute 6/1/18

Joel 1-3

Has God poured out his spirit on you?

Joel is yet another prophet proclaiming the Lord’s judgment on his people. And, like the other prophets, he also preaches a message of hope.

In Joel’s prophecy we see God hitting Israel with affliction after affliction. Each round is progressively worse with the goal of repentance. But, the people are so committed to their sins that they ignore God’s wrath.

This is when Joel enters the picture and tells the people that these afflictions are from God because he wants them to repent. He also promises if they don’t repent, his judgment will be more severe. Yet, even in the severity of judgment, God will relent if they would just turn to him.

Even with a message of judgment & disaster, God still gives Joel a message of hope to share with Israel. The hope Joel is shown is God’s broad reaching work to reverse the curse of sin & death. He does this in four ways. First, he restores his people and their land (salvation & regeneration). Second, he pours out his spirit upon them (the indwelling Holy Spirit). Third, God will judge his people’s enemies for their wickedness (end times judgment). Finally, his people will dwell in a new and holy Jerusalem (new heaven & earth). God fulfills all of this through the person and work of Christ.

Everything God promises to his people in Joel is for everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord. When they call upon him, these promises become theirs & he becomes their God.

How does Joel’s message of justice & mercy encourage your walk with the Lord?