Bible Study Minute 6/4/18

Isaiah 6; 9

Do you have ears to hear?

When Isaiah was called to serve the Lord he was given a message that only a small group of people would understand. To the rest, it was a veiled and clouded message, which served as a form of judgment against them.

Yet, in Isaiah’s message of judgment against Israel, there is hope. In the midst of his dark message, he brings a message of hope in a future son of David who was to come. Matthew’s gospel reveals that this son of David is Jesus of Nazareth, the long awaited Messiah.

The beautiful thing about this son of David is we see his reach and rule is beyond Israel’s borders. Not only does it encapsulate Israel, but it also reaches the Gentiles, even to the ends of the earth. It is through this son that we see a literal fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham to bless the nations through his offspring.

It is through this son that we are able to have joy, peace, and salvation.

Today, look at the description given in Isaiah 9:6, 7. What do these titles teach you about Jesus. How will you live differently in light of this truth?