Bible Study Minute 6/5/18

Isaiah 44-45

Who is like our God?

In the first half of Isaiah we see a lot of talk about God promising to judge his people for their sins. Yet, in the second half, he turns the page and talks about how he will keep his covenant with them. As always, God promises to redeem and save his people.

In Isaiah 44-45 specifically, God shows Israel (and us) that there are no other gods besides him & that he alone saves. He does this in two ways: 1) he shows the folly or worshiping idols, and 2) he predicts how he will use king Cyrus to rescue Israel from exile.

When it comes to worshiping idols, God lays the smackdown. He shows that people are foolish to worship and pray to things they’ve made with their own hands. With half of a tree they make a fire to keep warm & cook their food, but with the other half they make an idol. Really?! They’re so blinded by their own depravity that they don’t even see how foolish it is, even when said out loud.

Second, God shows how he will use Cyrus, a pagan king, to rescue his people from Babylonian captivity. Even though Cyrus does not know God, he is still used by God to fulfill his purposes. It is through Cyrus that Israel returns to the Promised Land and rebuilds Jerusalem & the Temple. What incentive would he have to do that? None. That’s how we can know it was by the work of God’s hand.

These two things show us that salvation is in God alone. Therefore, we, in hindsight, can see God’s hand working throughout history. So, we have no excuse for not turning to him for salvation.

Today, just reflect on God’s power, might, and his ability to save.