Bible Study Minute 6/6/18

Isaiah 52-53

What kind of salvation are you looking for?

Salvation is finally coming for Israel and Isaiah 52-53 shows us how God plans to execute his plan to save. But this salvation and restoration is not coming in a way that Israel would expect.

In these chapters we see that God’s plan involves a wise and lowly servant who will suffer and die. This servant will bear the weight of Israel’s sin and transgression. What Israel expected was a mighty ruling king who would defeat their enemies. But, God had a much larger scope and problem in mind. This redemption’s goal wasn’t just for Israel, by restoring them to their land and bringing blessing. No, his plan was global and got to the heart of Israel’s (and humanity’s) problem: sin.

This is good news for all humanity. We know this suffering servant is Jesus Christ, who bore our sins on the cross and rose again. He atoned for our sin and transgressions. It is his work that brings righteousness to all who believe in him. Jesus is the one who makes us right with God, which is our biggest problem.

It is this message that Christians believe and teach! There is no better news!

Today, reflect on these chapters and ponder the cost Jesus paid to secure your salvation.