Bible Study Minute 6/7/18

Isaiah 65-66

Are you looking to the new heavens & earth?

In these final chapters of Isaiah (65-66) we are given a glimpse of eternity and God’s endgame. His plan is to create a new heavens and a new earth where his people will dwell for eternity in the holy Jerusalem.

To bring his people into this promised eternal state God will judge and purify them. This begins with a judgment and cutting off of those who refuse to keep his commandments. God will remove and judge all unbelievers within Israel, punishing them for their disobedience and sin. The same happens with unbelieving Gentiles. Next, we see God’s word going out to the nations. The preaching of God’s Word brings all believing Gentiles into the fold of God’s family.

We see the initial fulfillment of this activity in the book of Acts. It is here that we find the apostles spreading the gospel to the ends of the known world. And since that time the gospel has continued to reach every people group across the globe.

Finally, the book of Revelation shows us a fuller view of eternity than what Isaiah gives. As believers we can look forward to this eternal state where we will glorify the Lord forever. This should also motivate us to share the gospel with others because it is only through Christ that they will enter into this eternal state of glory.

Today, meditate on the vision God has given us through Isaiah and think about how it should motivate your evangelism.