Bible Study Minute 6/8/18

Micah 1; 4:6-5:15

Is the shepherd-king your hope?

Micah is a prophet who was contemporary with Isaiah. While Isaiah’s ministry was primarily focused on the kingdom of Israel, Micah preached to Judah. Yet, both of these men proclaimed a similar message.

What’s the message? God will judge men, specifically Israel. Each will be punished accordingly for their sin and idolatry. Israel went to exile in Assyria while Judah was exiled to Babylon.

Yet, at the same time, God promises to redeem and restore his people. He accomplishes this by keeping the covenants he made with Israel, especially Abraham and David. The shepherd-king Son of David is the answer & fulfillment of the promise. He is the one who reigns, brings eternal peace, and redeems. And this shepherd-king is Jesus Christ. This is the message Micah preaches to Judah. Just like David was an unexpected king, Jesus will be the same. Not only will he reign, but he will shepherd his people and lead them to God.

How does the promise of the shepherd-king give you hope and strengthen your faith?