Bible Study Minute 6/13/18

2 Kings 22-23

Have you torn down your idols?

2 Kings 22-23 is all about the reign of Judah’s last godly king, Josiah. He is a king who honors and serves the Lord with his life. He is also a type that points us to the greater son of David, Christ, who will sit on the throne.

Josiah is a good king, and his narrative begins with a restoration of the Temple. It is during this time that the priests find the Law of God, which had been “lost” for years in the kingdom. When found, the priests read this book to the king. When confronted with the truth of God’s Word, Josiah has the proper response: repentance & faith. This is the same response we should have when brought face-to-face with the gospel.

But the Word of God does more in Josiah’s life. Josiah is now on a mission to reform Judah, and even the kingdom of Israel. He has all the altars torn down and idolatrous relics burned with fire. Josiah wants ever semblance of idolatry removed from the land. He also has the people renew their covenant with God. Not only that, but he also restores the Passover, which had not been observed since the time of the judges hundreds of years earlier.

This is how God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work in our lives. The gospel transforms us and sparks change. We are motivated to tear down our sinful idols that our lives used to bow down to. And it leads us to holiness and worship of God.

Today, think about Josiah’s high view of Scripture, as well as his response. Do you have the same view and respect for God’s Word? How has it transformed your life?