Bible Study Minute 6/18/18

Jeremiah 31:31-33:26

Are you in the new covenant?

A good portion of Jeremiah’s preaching concerned God’s wrath and coming judgment. Yet, God also gave him a glorious message of hope and restoration. We begin to see the light of hope in Jeremiah 31-33.

The hope spoken of in these chapters comes in the form of a new covenant. This covenant will primarily do three things: 1) replace the Mosaic covenant, 2) forgive sins, and 3) write God’s law on his people’s hearts. In Jeremiah 32 & 33 he then tells of the restoration that will take place. Everything that God destroyed through judgment will be restored and blessings will be in abundance. Not only that, but his people will serve him faithfully, and no longer be bound by their sin.

Jeremiah also tells us how God’s people will receive this blessing. A Davidic king-priest will inaugurate God’s blessings and restoration of his people. Not only that, but this king will reign and intercede forever. These words sound very similar to the words written in the New Testament book of Hebrews. We know, in hindsight, that this king-priest is Jesus Christ.

What’s more, Jeremiah 33:22 provides an even greater blessing. It speaks of an offspring of the Davidic king, as well as priestly offspring. These offspring are all those who believe and place faith in the Davidic king-priest! We are sons of the king and a kingdom of priests before our God!

How awesome that Jesus gives us the new covenant & we can be partakers!

Today, meditate on all the blessings God has granted you as a member of his new covenant, including the indwelling Holy Spirit.