Bible Study Minute 6/28/18

Ezra 3-4

What’s your motivation to rebuild?

Ezra 3-4 shows us that the Jews who returned from Babylonian captivity did so with right hearts and motivation. Their desire to rebuild was so they could worship the Lord their God. Within months of returning to the Promised Land, the Israelites had rebuilt the altar and reinstated the daily sacrifices & feast days. All of this was done in accordance with the Mosaic Law.

This initial act of worship proved their motivation in rebuilding. It was then followed with the rebuilding of the Temple, building on the same site where Solomon’s Temple once stood. The work began with rebuilding the foundation. They remained laser focused on this task until the work was done. Once it was finished, there was much rejoicing and angst, as they lauded the rebuild and remembered what once was. As with an rebuild project, the memories of what once was are always painful, but you have to keep moving forward.

Yet, with all the great work they were doing, there were haters and adversaries. They initially tried to sabotage the work by becoming part of the working party, but the Jews weren’t having any of that. This led them to reach out to the king, who ended up halting the rebuild for over a decade. Israel stopped its work, but their lives continued, worshiping the Lord.

We will have opposition in our Christian walk, but the key is how you respond. How will you respond when adversity comes your way? Will you fold or will you keep following & worshiping the Lord?