Bible Study Minute 6/29/18

Ezra 5-6

Whose authority are you appealing to?

If the end of Ezra 4 was depressing, take courage. Construction of the Temple has been stopped for over a decade. It doesn’t look like anything will change anytime soon. But, Ezra 5-6 shows that God is still at work to restore and bless his people.

In these chapters, at the encouragement of the prophets, Zerubbabel resumes construction of the Temple. When questioned by the Persian officials about this, Zerubbabel appeals to history and Cyrus’ decree that gave them permission to do this work. King Darius finds this decree in the archives. Upon reading it, the king gives Zerubbabel his full support and even continues the financing of the work.

With the king’s support the Temple gets rebuilt and dedicated. Now religious life in Israel is able to resume as it once was. Israel celebrates its first Passover in decades and continue to keep the rest of the feasts.

God restored his people like he had promised. And he worked this way to bring his people back to him. As we can see in their religious activities, their hearts have turned to the Lord and serving him.

Think about the rebuilding projects God has done In your life. How has he used them to bring you closer to him?