Bible Study Minute 7/2/18

Zechariah 1:1-6; 2; 12

Have you heard God’s message of hope & peace?

The prophet Zechariah preached a message of peace and hope to a hopeless people. He preached to Jews who had returned from exile and were looking at Jerusalem’s ruins wondering if it’d ever be rebuilt. Zechariah’s message assured them of God’s promise to restore.

In Zechariah 2, the prophet spoke to the rebuilding of Jerusalem. Not only would Jerusalem be rebuilt and restored to its former glory, but its population would spill over. The city would be so full that its inhabitants would have to live outside the city walls. Not only that, but the city would house both Jews and Gentiles living in harmony.

Zechariah also encourages the people, reminding them of God’s justice. He lets them know that God will judge their enemies and bring peace to his people. In addition to this justice, God will also pour out his grace and mercy on his people.

As believers, we can rejoice in Zechariah’s message of salvation because it comes to us in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the one who brings salvation and peace. And it is through him that we experience God’s mercy and grace.

Today, how can you express joy as you experience the hope and peace that comes with your salvation?