Bible Study Minute 7/3/18

Ezra 7-8

Has the Word brought spiritual renewal to your life?

57 years after the Temple had been rebuilt and dedicated, the Lord is once again at work to restore the exiles to the Promised Land. This time it comes by means of Ezra, a priest skilled in the Word of God. Not only does Ezra want to return to Jerusalem, but he also desires to teach God’s Law to the people.

Every step of the way God is with Ezra. Ezra finds favor in the eyes of Artaxerxes and receives all he needs from the king. Then any exiles that wish to return are able to go with him. They’re given all the provisions necessary to adorn the Temple and make sacrifices. The Lord even protects them on their four month journey.

The Lord used Ezra to bring about spiritual renewal to the land of Israel as part of his work of restoration. Ezra was a prototypical priest, whose love for the Word was just what the people needed.

The Bible describes as a man dedicated to God’s Word and as a teacher of it. What is your level of dedication to God’s Word? How does that dedication (or lack thereof) impact your life?