Bible Study Minute 7/5/18

Esther 1-2

Do you trust God is working, even when you can’t see him?

Esther seems like an odd book to be in the Bible. There’s no great theological truth and the narrative seems a bit out of place. But, Esther is just as important as every other book. God does fantastic things in this book without ever making himself known.

Even though God is never mentioned in the book of Esther, he works providentially to save his people, even though they never know it. We see the beginnings of this in Esther 1-2. First, Vashti is dismissed from her place as queen because of her refusal to appear before the king. Then, after a period of several years, Esther, a Jew, becomes queen in her place. Subsequently, Mordecai discovers a plot against the king and works with Esther to spare the king’s life. This act will work in their favor in the future.

All of this is orchestrated by God. He silently works to bring about a great work of salvation that we will see in the coming days’ readings.

Knowing that God sometimes works in the background, how does that change how you view situations and trust God through them?