Bible Study Minute 7/6/18

Esther 3-4

Who will you trust in times of peril?

In Esther 3-4 we are introduced to the villain of the narrative, Haman. Haman descends from a people who were long time enemies of the Jews. When he got word that Mordecai wouldn’t bow down because of his faith, he sought to eradicate all the Jews from the land. But this isn’t about Haman; no, it’s about Mordecai’s faith.

Even with the looming threat over his people, Mordecai trusted in the Lord’s ability to save. He knew one way or another the Lord would come through, even saving a remnant, like he had in times past. He even noticed the providence of God in making Esther queen over the land, and how God might use that as a means of rescuing his people. But, even if she refused to help, he knew God would use another means of deliverance.

Our faith needs to be similar to Mordecai’s. We must trust God’s ability to save and do good, even in the darkest situations. Romans 8:28 tells us that God works all things together for good for those who love him. That is a promise we can trust and hold on to, even in the darkest times.

What difficult circumstances has God allowed you to face? How did those moments challenge and shape your faith?