Bible Study Minute 7/10/18

Esther 8-10

Do you celebrate God’s ability to rescue?

Even though Haman had been killed, his plan to kill the Jews was still in place & needed to be stopped. Unfortunately, under Persian law, any edict that had been made could not be revoked. Nevertheless, the king gave Esther & Mordecai permission to do what they needed to save their people.

Esther and Mordecai were able to circumvent Haman’s plan by allowing the Jews to defend themselves against their enemies on the same day they were to be destroyed. As a result, what was meant for evil against the people of Israel became a victory over their enemies. Through all of this we see God’s providence to rescue and protect his people.

For as much as this narrative is about the salvation of Israel, we are to look to God’s greater work of salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus has done far greater than Esther because he has saved his people from sin and death.

After Israel’s victory, they remembered their salvation annually through celebration. Today, how can you celebrate the victory God has given you over sin & death?