Bible Study Minute 7/27/18

Malachi 4

Are you ready for the day of the Lord?

Malachi 3 ended with wickedness and sinners winning the day. But Malachi ends the Old Testament canon with a message of hope for those who trust in the Lord. But, he also has a word of warning for those who are not walking with God.

The Lord is coming! He will judge the wicked and trample those who defy him. Not only that, but the righteous will find healing and salvation on this great day. This is the great hope of the believer! Justice will prevail and the righteous will get their reward.

This is why the gospel is so important! For the unbeliever, they need to be warned of their upcoming judgment if they fail to repent and turn to the Lord. And, for the believer, it is encouragement to continue walking with God and obeying his commandments.

The final word from Malachi is this: before this great day comes, Elijah must come first. His message will be one that prepares people’s hearts for this day, but it will be a day of mourning for those who fail to heed his words. This is how the Old Testament ends. But, the story is not over. There is hope and great anticipation.

Today, how can you prepare your heart for the great day of the Lord? Do Malachi’s words make you want to share the gospel?