Bible Study Minute 7/31/18

Luke 2

Are you sharing the good news?

Luke’s gospel opened with great hope. Malachi’s words were coming to pass. Elijah had come. Now, in Luke 2, several months after the birth of John the Baptist, the Messiah has come!

There are many details that can be explored in this birth narrative, but the most astounding thing is those who are witnesses to this great event. We do not find nobility or those of great significance. No, instead, we find ordinary people who have a heart for the Lord. These are the people who are given the great news of Jesus’ arrival.

It begins with an angel telling lowly shepherds that the Great Shepherd has been born in the city of David. They immediately go and see for themselves, and recount the angel’s words to Mary and any who would listen. Then at Jesus’ circumcision we find faithful Simeon and the prophetess Anna who rejoice at the sight of their savior.

All of this had to be of great comfort to Mary. She had received this news from an angel, and now to hear from her own people that she has indeed given birth to the savior.

This is great news! Messiah has come! But, what’s important is these people didn’t keep it to themselves, especially the shepherds. They rejoiced and told others of this news.

How does reading this account of Jesus’ birth vitalize your evangelism? Does the news of the savior motivate you to share the good news?