Bible Study Minute 8/1/18

Matthew 1-2

Do you see how perfectly God keeps his word?

Matthew 1-2 gives us another account of Jesus’ birth, but this time from a Jewish perspective. And, not only do we get a second account, but we are also given additional details about this event that we are not given in Luke’s gospel. In this gospel, Matthew is writing to Jews and wants to emphasize the fact that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah. He does this quite well in these opening chapters.

The first way Matthew emphasizes Jesus’ Messiahship is by giving us his genealogy. Even as an adopted son of Joseph, we find that, as the first born, he is in the line of king David, and a rightful heir to sit on his throne. Therefore, as Scripture prophesied, he is indeed a son of David. Next, Matthew quotes from several prophets to show that even in his infancy, Jesus is fulfilling Scripture. He quotes from Isaiah (7:14), Micah (5:2), Hosea (11:1), Jeremiah (31:15), and even generalizes some prophesies (Psalm 22:6; Isaiah 49:7; 53:3). There is no doubt that this infant is the Messiah. And Matthew will continue to prove this in his gospel.

In addition to this, we also see God’s sovereign hand at work at every turn. He has angels give words of instruction and warning. God guides the magi to the child with a star. He protects the child from king Herod’s plot. And so on. Put this on top of all the fulfilled prophecy, and we have a great picture of God’s ability to keep his word and to work for the good of those he loves.

Today, as you read this passage thank God for his sovereignty and how he keeps his word. How does God’s sovereignty help you trust the Scriptures?