Bible Study Minute 8/7/18

Matthew 5

Are you exhibiting kingdom qualities?

In Matthew 5 Jesus begins his teaching known as the Sermon on the Mount. This is a teaching most know about and quote from often. Yet, there is much we can learn from this sermon, especially today’s chapter.

Jesus begins his sermon with the popular portion known as the Beatitudes. This is the “blessed are…” portions of the chapter. Another way to translate “blessed” in this chapter is “happy.” Indeed, the people Jesus describes in the Beatitudes are happy because they exhibit the character of those who will receive eternal life and enter the kingdom of heaven.

With the rest of the chapter, Jesus deals with the root of man’s problem: his heart. He teaches on anger, lust, divorce, and other issues and boils them all down to heart issues, which then result in the actions.

But, God calls us to a higher standard. In doing so, we must first be like those described in the Beatitudes. We must be poor in spirit and recognize our inability to live out God’s ways on our own. When we do this, we can then turn to and rely on God, the only one who can equip us to live according to his ways.

Today, meditate on Jesus’ words. Ask the Lord to help you continually battle the root of your sin and replace it with godly qualities.