Bible Study Minute 8/8/18

Matthew 6

What are you living for?

Jesus continues his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6. In this chapter of Scripture he continues to break down the human condition, this time with a look at self glory versus living for God. Jesus sums this up with the statement: you cannot serve God and money.

When you look at your life, what are you striving for? Do you want to be famous, wealthy, and respected? In this selfie and social media age we live in, it certainly seems to be the case. At every turn, we’re posting our feats for others to see and applaud. Yet, in Matthew 6, Jesus warns us against such behavior. We shouldn’t do anything to be seen by others. If we do, then that is our reward. And quite frankly, what kind of reward is that?!

Instead, Jesus teaches that our priority should be God and pursuing the advancement of his kingdom. When we do that, we can live in such a way that we are no longer worried about being seen by others, seeking their approval. Now we are serving an audience of one, the one who sees all and will reward us eternally. Likewise, this kind of life enables us to reduce stress and anxiety, because we are trusting in the Lord to provide as we seek to do his work.

Life boils down to this: either you’re living for yourself, or you’re living for God. The choice is ours. One desires to be seen and brings stress. The other leans on and trusts in God.

Today, look at Jesus’ words and examine your life. Who are you serving with your life?