Bible Study Minute 8/13/18

Luke 9:10-62

How seriously do you take the call to discipleship?

If there’s one chapter in the gospels that gives us the clearest picture of who Jesus is, Luke 9 would have to be it. In this chapter we find clear descriptions of who Christ is, his ability to work miracles, his power over evil, and so much more. The chapter is jam packed with action that is not to be missed.

Of all the events that take place in Luke 9, there are two we want to focus on. After feeding the 5,000, Jesus asks his disciples about what the crowds are saying about him. Some say he’s John the Baptist, others Elijah, or one of the other prophets come back from the dead. Then, Simon Peter chimes in and says, “You are the Christ of God.” Having walked with Jesus, he gets it! He knows Jesus is not just a prophet, but the Son of Man sent by God.

Eight days later we get the rest of the story. Jesus takes his closest disciples up on the mountain to pray. During this time, the transfiguration takes place, where Jesus is illuminated from within and his true glory revealed to these three. They also see Jesus talking to Moses and Elijah. This is God’s confirmation to Peter’s declaration; Jesus is indeed the Messiah, the one who fulfills and is greater than the Law and the Prophets.

Finally, bookended with this event and the end of the chapter are two calls to discipleship. The call to follow Jesus is serious and requires leaving behind one’s prior life. This is not a call everyone can commit to, but it’s what God requires if we want to obtain eternal life.

Today, meditate on the revelation of who Jesus is and ponder his call to discipleship. How does this call to discipleship challenge you?