Luke 12

Which life are you living for?

Luke 12 is chock full of Jesus’ teachings on various subjects. Yet, the overarching theme of these teachings is living with an eye toward eternity versus living for this temporal life. The trajectory of our lives is determined by which life we’re focused on. Jesus illustrates this by teaching on hypocrisy, living unashamedly for God, storing up treasure, anxiety, and living with anticipation.

Through these teachings, Jesus warns of the seriousness of living a life focused on God and eternity. The person focused on living and getting the most out of this life focuses on self and their own gratification. Jesus illustrates this through the parable of the parable of the rich fool. This man believed he had time to build larger storehouses, not knowing his life was about to end. Similarly, the parable of the slave waiting for his master’s return faced a similar fate. He lived however he wanted, thinking he had time before his master’s return. Needless to say, he wasn’t ready.

Yet, for the person with an eye toward eternity, they are not taken by surprise. They always anticipate the Lord’s return and live in a way that reflects such anticipation. They are not anxious about this life’s cares, trusting in God’s provision. Their treasures are in heaven, not on earth. Likewise, they are not ashamed to live for God and to share him with others. As such, they know that God will approve of them when he does return.

Today, meditate on Jesus’ teachings. How do they challenge your life as a disciple? How does it currently measure up?

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