Bible Study Minute 8/16/18

John 3-4

Are you having gospel conversations?

John 3-4 are familiar chapters for most Christians. I mean, who doesn’t know the iconic verse John 3:16? That verse is certainly key to understanding this passage and the Bible, as Jesus tells us he came that people might believe in his name for eternal life. But, as you read these chapters together, Jesus shows us how to interact with others in evangelistic opportunities. Borrowing a term from Replicate Ministries, let’s call these gospel conversations.

The first gospel conversation we encounter is in John 3. Nicodemus comes to Jesus by night and wants to discuss things with him. Before the conversation gets very far, Jesus begins sharing the gospel with this religious leader by talking about being born again. He then goes on to use this opportunity to teach him truth about the Messiah.

John 4 presents us with the next gospel conversation, which is with a Samaritan woman. Under the surface there’s a lot going on in this scenario, but let’s just say that this isn’t a woman people normally talk to. Yet, Jesus sparks a conversation with her by asking for some water. Startled that he’d even say a word to her, this opens the door for Jesus to talk about living water and worshiping in spirit & truth. Her testimony then opens the door for Jesus to have more gospel conversations in that town.

Just like Jesus, we also need to have gospel conversations. If people are to believe in the name of Jesus for salvation, they must hear about him. We can make sure that happens by opening our mouths. To help you in your evangelistic endeavors I recommend Sam Greer’s The Gospel Conversation.

Today, meditate on Jesus’ gospel conversations and pray that God would present opportunities for you to have your own.