Bible Study Minute 8/17/18

Luke 14

Are you coming to the feast?

In Luke 14 we find Jesus dining at a Pharisee’s house. Being a Sabbath day, Jesus uses the occasion as a teaching opportunity, as he heals a man and teaches on humility & the kingdom of God.

Jesus’ teaching on humility is pretty straightforward. Don’t think more highly of yourself than you should. Take the lowest seat and let others exalt you, so you don’t make a fool of yourself. Then you should do things for those who cannot repay you, because doing something for someone who can pay you back is its own reward.

Yet, when it comes to the kingdom, he uses a parable of a great feast to teach his lesson. Those invited represent those in Israel who have had the Word of God and RSVP’d for the coming kingdom. But, now that the feast has arrived, they’re too busy and caught up in themselves to drop what they’re doing. In response, the master sends out his servants to find any & everyone who will fill up his house for the feast. This represents the gospel going out to the Gentiles.

This parable is then followed with another event some time after where Jesus teaches on counting the cost of discipleship. The two teachings go hand in hand. Those who reject the kingdom do not count the cost, but those that do see its value and drop everything to pursue and join in Jesus’ feast of eternal life.

Today, where are you? Have you counted the cost? How has the gospel & the call to discipleship challenged your life?