Bible Study Minute 8/27/18

John 11; Matthew 21:1-13

Do you believe Jesus is the resurrection & the life?

Given the events surrounding my life, as I prepare to bury my newborn daughter, John 11 was a very appropriate passage to read. This chapter in John’s gospel tells us about the death of Lazarus, a dear friend to Jesus. Even though this is a chapter full of mourning, it also offers the brightest gospel hope.

The circumstances around Lazarus’ death are interesting. Jesus finds out his friend is sick. But, instead of rushing to heal him, he allows his friend to die. Knowing this fact, Lazarus’ sisters (Mary & Martha) are visibly upset with Jesus. They knew he had the power to heal their brother, but Jesus’ delay assured their brother’s death. Even with all this, Martha knows the Word of God and that she will see her brother again; yet, that is not enough to console her. After his own mourning (Jesus wept), Jesus displays the power of God and brings Lazarus back to life.

While it’s great that Lazarus was resuscitated, the true beauty of this passage is the picture it paints for us. The raising of Lazarus illustrates what happens in regeneration when the Holy Spirit brings dead human spirits back to life. Not only that, but it gives us a glimpse of the hope of a full bodily resurrection on the last day. Because Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life, with full authority and power over life & death, we can have this gospel hope.

It is because Jesus is the resurrection & the life that I can be joyful knowing I will see my precious Harmony again. And this is your hope as well.

Today, meditate on this passage and the hope that Jesus offers you in the midst of mourning.