Bible Study Minute 9/4/18

John 17

Did you know that Jesus prayed for you?

John 17 is known as the high priestly prayer of Jesus Christ. This is a beautiful prayer because it shows us how much Jesus loves his disciples.

The chapter begins with the statement (verse 3) that eternal life is knowing both God and Jesus Christ. He then continues in his prayer with much concern for the disciples. Jesus knows he is about to leave them and wants them to be fully equipped for the journey ahead. He wants them to be covered in the truth, which is the Word of God.

What’s beautiful about this prayer is that he not only prays for the disciples, but he also prays for us, as those who would believe in the word spoken by the disciples. In his prayer, Jesus wishes much of the same for us. Just as he and the Father are one, he wants believers to be in unity with one another, as well as in unity with Christ. As such, this unity, along with their testimony, will serve as witness to the world about who God and Jesus Christ are.

Jesus left us here for a reason, and that reason is to share the gospel. So, let us make that the priority of our lives as we also seek unity within the Body of Christ, which also serves as witness to the gospel.

Today, look at the words Jesus prayed for his disciples and for you. How do these words impact how you live your life?