Bible Study Minute 9/7/18

John 19

What is your one comfort in both life and death?

John 19 provides us with the Apostle John’s account of Jesus’ trial, crucifixion, and burial. In this account, the Apostle includes many details that both Matthew and Luke chose not to include in their respective gospel accounts. But, the additional details John provides go a long way in filling in the picture of the crucifixion account.

When we look at things like the crucifixion of Jesus, it’s easy to feel like God has failed. I mean, the Son of God is quite literally dying on a cross, the worst form of torture and death. Yet, John shows us the gospel’s beauty through this darkest moment. At several points in the narrative John makes it clear that what is happening is according to Old Testament prophecy concerning the Messiah. So, even in death & circumstances he cannot control, Jesus is fulfilling Scripture and God’s plan. So, what we see here is that God is sovereign and planned all this from the beginning.

What does this mean for us? It means that we can have hope and trust in God, even in life’s darkest hours. For me, I can have peace knowing that death is not the end & that God is good and keeps his promises. So, even with the loss of my daughter, I know she has eternal life in Christ because of what he did on the cross. And we can all trust God that all things will work for our good, even the hard times.

With that being said, take some time today to meditate on John’s words in this chapter. How does Jesus’ fulfillment of Scripture, even in death, strengthen your faith in God?