Bible Study Minute 9/10/18

Mark 16

How would your life be different if Jesus stayed in the grave?

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the climax of Scripture. Our Savior is on the cross paying the penalty for man’s sin, bearing the full wrath of God. If we left the story there it would be tragic because we’d have Jesus dead in his grave. But that’s not the end of the story! In Mark 16 we find out that Jesus is alive and no longer in the grave, and that’s when everything changes!

The encounter begins with three women going to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body. When they arrive the stone is rolled away & Jesus isn’t there. An angel tells them that Jesus will meet the disciples in Galilee, and they are frightened at this word. Word gets to the disciples and they disbelieve. Other disciples see Jesus and tell the 11 core disciples & they still disbelieve. It’s not until they see Jesus for themselves that they believe. But when they believe, they are transformed!

In much the same way, our response to the gospel mimics that of the disciples. We can hear the story of others meeting Jesus and it means nothing to us. Yet, when we finally encounter Jesus for ourselves through the gospel our lives are transformed. Like the disciples, we go from disbelief to belief, from death to life.

Today, I want you to meditate on Mark’s account of the resurrection and the disciples’ response. How would their lives and your own be different if Jesus hadn’t risen from the grave? How does this motivate you to share the gospel?