Bible Study Minute 9/11/18

Luke 24

Do you see Christ in the Hebrew Scriptures?

Luke 24 is another account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What I like about Luke’s account is that it fills in a lot of the details that Mark left out of his gospel. As a result, we get to see the beauty of having multiple gospels.

Luke’s resurrection narrative begins in much the same way with the women going to the tomb. But we get a few more details, like there were a few more women than what Mark mentioned, as well as another angel. In addition, we find Peter going to the tomb after receiving word, yet still in unbelief that Jesus had risen.

The most important encounter comes with a couple disciples who were making there way to the town of Emmaus. Jesus, whose identity was concealed, asked what they were talking about. He then used the conversation as an opportunity to explain how the Christ was to suffer, die, and rise again. He did this by explaining the entirety of the Hebrew Scriptures, starting with the books of Moses (the first five books of the Bible). Once these disciples are enlightened about the Christ & after Jesus reveals himself, they rush to tell the 11 core disciples. It’s here that Jesus appears to them and once again shows how all of the Old Testament is about Christ.

I love this chapter, because it really highlights the importance of the entirety of Scripture. The Old Testament isn’t just a collection of stories and cryptic words we’re trying to understand. No, it is the testimony of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, just as much as the gospels & New Testament are!

Today, look at this resurrection narrative & spend some time meditating on all the Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled in his life & ministry. Does it help you believe that all of the Bible is about Jesus?