Bible Study Minute 9/12/18

John 20-21

Do you believe without seeing?

The final two chapters of John’s gospel present us with several appearances Jesus Christ made after his resurrection. He appears to Mary, and then appears to his disciples three times. Of these appearances, there is one that stands out to me.

Jesus first appeared to his disciples on the evening of his resurrection, as they were huddled up fearing for their own lives. For whatever reason, Thomas was absent during this time. So upon receiving word from the other 10 disciples that Jesus had risen & appeared to them, he called balderdash! He refused to believe their report until he could verify it with his own hands and eyes.

Eight days later Jesus makes another appearance to his disciples, and this time Thomas is present. Jesus extends the opportunity for Thomas to do exactly what he wanted to do, but Thomas doesn’t make it that far. Instead, his immediate response is, “My Lord and my God!” In awestruck wonder he proclaims Jesus’ divinity, and finally believes.

I love what follows. Jesus says that those who believe without seeing are blessed. And, proceeding Jesus’ words are words from John explaining why he wrote his gospel. He wrote it so that its readers would believe that Jesus is the Son of God and have eternal life through him. Both of those statements refer to us. We believe without seeing and our faith comes through the Word of God given to us in these gospels.

Today, take time to meditate on John’s gospel and count all the ways you are blessed through God’s Word and your belief in a risen Savior.