Bible Study Minute 9/13/18

Matthew 28

Are you making disciples?

Of all the passages we’ve looked at this week, Matthew 28 contains the final account of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. In this account we are given details unique to Matthew’s gospel, but the overall story is the same. Jesus is alive and the tomb is empty! Also contained in this chapter is one of the most important commands that Christians are to follow: the Great Commission.

The Great Commission is this: make disciples. This command is then fleshed out in the surrounding words. We do this as we go, which means as we move and live our lives. It’s not something we go out of our way to do; instead, it comes out of the natural flow of our lives. How do we make disciples? By baptizing and teaching them to observe all the things Jesus commanded. How do we do that? We teach them the Word of God. This is why I’m so thankful we have the Bible, because it teaches us how to live. That’s the Great Commission in a nutshell.

The beautiful thing about this command is we can know Jesus Christ empowers us to do this work. Jesus bookends the commission by stating he has all authority in heaven and on earth, and that he will always be with us. If he has authority, and has given us his Holy Spirit, then we know we can do the work.

Discipleship should be the natural outworking of the Christian life. We should be discipled by others while we ourselves are making disciples. Let’s always be growing to look more like Christ and helping others to do the same.

Today, meditate on Jesus’ command and think about these two things: 1) who is discipling you, and 2) who are you discipling?