Bible Study Minute 9/14/18

Acts 1

Are you a witness?

Acts 1 is a monumental shift in the Bible. This is where everything changes. This chapter lays the groundwork for everything that happens in the rest of the book of Acts, as well as the rest of history. And it all begins with the departure of Jesus Christ.

As Luke opens this book, Jesus has proven beyond any doubt that he is alive and indeed the Son of God. Now, as he gets ready to depart, he leaves his disciples with one final word. He tells them to not worry about when the kingdom is going to be restored or anything like that. Instead, the disciples need to prepare for the arrival of the Holy Spirit who will empower them to be God’s witnesses throughout the entire world. After this, Jesus ascends into heaven.

So, what do the disciples do with this word? In a word, they get to work. The first order of business is Peter stepping up and motioning for a new disciple to be part of the twelve, taking the position vacated by Judas Iscariot. The criteria is set & two men are put forward, with Matthias chosen as the twelfth disciple and apostle.

The rest of Acts is how the disciples became witnesses. And this is the same objective and mission that God gives us. He has given us his Spirit so we can be witnesses to the power of God and share it with others. Like the Nike ad says, “We are witnesses.”

Today, look at your life and measure your effectiveness at being God’s witness. Pray to the Lord for strength to daily be a witness for him as you meditate on God’s Word.