Bible Study Minute 9/17/18

Acts 2-3

How has the Spirit empowered you?

In Acts 1 Jesus commanded his disciples to stay in Jerusalem until the promise of the Father came. They needed to wait If they were to fulfill the mission given to them by Jesus. So they waited, and in Acts 2-3 we see the result of their patience as they receive the Holy Spirit.

Upon receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples are empowered to do the work of ministry. We see this in two separate events. The first instance we see people receiving the Spirit and speaking in foreign tongues, which serves as a witness to all those who had traveled to Jerusalem for Pentecost. Peter then uses this as an opportunity to preach the gospel to these Jews and attest that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. At this preaching more than 3,000 people repent and believe. On another occasion, Peter and John heal a lame man and then use that healing as an opportunity to once again share the good news.

If we go back about six weeks, the disciples huddled up and feared for their lives. Their beloved teacher was dead and they didn’t know what to do. Now, 40 days later, they’ve seen proof of Jesus’ resurrection and have now been empowered by the Holy Spirit. No longer are they hiding in fear. Now they are in the streets boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus to anyone who will listen, consequences be damned. The Holy Spirit empowered them and changed their lives.

Today, as you meditate on these chapters, ponder how the Holy Spirit has empowered and enabled you to be a witness to the life and saving power of Jesus Christ.