Bible Study Minute 9/18/18

Acts 4-5

Have you prayed for boldness?

Acts 4-5 picks up right where chapter 3 ended. In the previous chapter Peter and John healed a lame man. Then they used the healing as an opportunity to preach the gospel. Acts 4-5 continues the narrative.

When the religious leaders hear Peter and John preaching about Jesus Christ they arrest and question them. Upon their questioning & the bonafide miracle that took place, they realize they legally can do nothing. Instead, they proceed to urge & command the disciples to stop proclaiming the name of Christ with a warning of punishment if they continue.

The disciples’ response is what’s important in this passage. They commit to obeying God over the requests of man. This leads to a time of prayer to God where the disciples ask God for boldness to continue preaching the gospel in the midst of adversity & opposition. God responds by continuing to empower them with the Holy Spirit.

Their actions result in once again getting arrested and beaten, but that does not stop them. But at this point even the religious leaders recognize that if this movement is of God they cannot stop it.

Today, I want you to meditate on these chapters. How does the disciples’ boldness encourage you in your personal evangelism? If you struggle, pray to the Lord that he would empower you with boldness from the Holy Spirit.