Bible Study Minute 10/5/18

1 Thessalonians 1-2

Are you making disciples?

If ever there were a picture of the disciplemaking process in the Bible, 1 Thessalonians would be it. Paul only spent a few weeks in this city, but the impact he had was eternal. Not only that, but he set in motion a disciplemaking ministry that would change the world.

The first few chapters of this short letter recount Paul’s time with the Thessalonians. He entered their city and preached the gospel, just like he did everywhere he went. Like in other cities, there were those who believed the word he preached and placed faith in Jesus Christ. The believers in this city pushed away their idols, began serving the one true God, and put their hope in the return of his Son. In a word, they put their faith into action as Paul and his companions shared their lives with these new believers.

What was the result of this ministry? Well, when Paul was run out of town and eventually made his way down to Corinth he found that the gospel had already made its way to where he was traveling. Why? Because the faith of the Thessalonians was spreading like wildfire and they were taking it wherever they went. So, not only did people already know about Jesus, but they also knew about Paul’s ministry in Thessalonica. How awesome is that?

Seeing Paul’s effectiveness leaves me with this question: are we fulfilling Jesus’ last words? Are we making disciples like he commanded? Is our disciplemaking work replicating to others? Examine your life today and pray to the Lord to give you the desire to make disciples who make disciples for the glory of Christ.